• Angelina

“My life changing journey”

“I began a journey with the intention of improving my overall health, fitness and physical appearance but what I didn’t realise was that I was going to achieve something much more.
I started training with Steve and found the first session almost impossible but trusted Steve as he promised that my fitness was to dramatically improve and that I would begin to see the results very soon.

After only a week I had already lost over 9 inches. After my first assessment I felt much more positive and the inches continued to come off. As the weeks went by I began to realise that the physical element of training was only a part of the challenge the biggest and most difficult challenge, was the mental element.

After identifying this weakness I began to teach myself that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to. It wasn’t an easy thing to do but Steve picked up on this and continually proved to me that I could do it by pushing me to my ultimate limit every time we met

Steve always encouraged me to stay away from the scales as he explained to me how they only gave a very inaccurate reading of your true weight. Several weeks on and I understood exactly what he meant.

Steve has believed in me since the very start sending me motivating messages and e-mails in addition to weekly training schedules and body assessment printouts from which I have created my own exercise file.
I have learnt to balance the advantages and disadvantages of my actions rather than reaching for comfort foods

Now when I finish training I can always give myself 10 out of 10 for effort”.